October 27, 2009

Getting Ready for Christmas and Starting 'Tot School'

Well, it has been quite a while since my last post.  I have been overwhelmed by how much great stuff you can find on Blogs..truely amazing!

Well, I have been keeping very busy....not quite sure what with, but here is a bit:

I have been trying VERY HARD to try and save money!  I joined the 'Cheapskates' website which has heaps of great ideas, tips etc on how to live a less expensive life.  It also has some ideas on being prepared for Christmas so that you can enjoy December rather than rushing around purchasing presents!

In becoming addicted to this website have have decided to create some of our Christmas presents which we plan to give.  I think that they will look great.  All I can say is that there are decorations and something that contains photos....you will have to wait until after Christmas for a peek!

I have also found sooooo many ideas on blogs for activities to do with Z.  He is growing so quickly and I love finding different ways to interact with me.  My favourite site at the moment is '1+1+1=1' which has information on homeschooling and a program or idea called 'Tot School'.  This has encouraged me a lot.  Thank you so much for this information and although Z is too little for a full blown Tot School, I am planning to try and have an interactive or craft activity with him every day....even if it is the same one for a couple of days in a row.

Our first 'theme' is going to be 'On the Farm', so after much surfing of the internet and borrowing some childrens books from the library, I have made a felt board and started making some shapes for use on it. So far, we have a barn and a sheep...

There are a whole range of animals still to come and I thought we could use it as 'Old MacDonald's Farm' to introduce all the noises that animals make....we'll see how it goes!  I will include the templates to make these in my next post.  A print out for the barn can be found at Kiz Club.

After having found Z playing with the Cat food after up-ending the whole box on the Laundry floor, it seemed he was ready for some fine motor skill activities, so I purchased some pom-poms from the Reject Shop (only cost $2.00) and I think that this has kept him more entertained than any of his other toys.  Just goes to show it doesn't have to cost much for a childs toy to be entertaining!  Anyway, he is now constantly following me around the house with the container of Pom-Pom's wanting me to open them!

Following on from my previous post, I have included the artwork for the babushka doll so that you can make one of your own!

Well, I guess that is about it for now.

Look forward to catching up soon!


September 14, 2009


Well it has been a rather creative week in the Hutton household.

The forever growing Zach (my 14 month old) has outgrown his summer sleeping bags which gave me a mission....to make some new ones!  At the same time I was surfing some blogs and found a wonderful pattern for a Rocket Ship Pillow on the 'Don't Look Now!' blog by Kellie Wulfson.  We didn't need anymore cushions, and I had some lovely blue material in my stash so together, I came up with this.....

I have also put together an applique design for little girls of a Babushka doll...I am thinking of naming her 'Belle'.  This is the first pattern I have put together and I think that it has come along quite well!  


'Belle' has been Machine stitched to make her hard wearing, apart from her face and her bow which have been sewn by had.  My hope is to make some library bags as part of a collection that I could sell at a market stall around Christmas time...I hope that it will be successful!  I will keep you posted with more designs as they come along!

Well, that's all for now!