March 9, 2010

A Little out of the box....

Well, most people who know me would know that I like subdued almost 'faded' colours for my patchwork and quilting, so it may come as a bit of surprise to find out that I recently purchased these fabrics:

What is it for you ask?  Well...I am going to keep you in suspense until I have a sneak peak finished to share...few bits and pieces in progress....but none you will just have to wait!!!  :-)

I have been feverishly sewing in the last week and dearly missed my sewing machine when I went away on the weekend to the Taste of Rutherglen visiting many a winery and sampling some very yummy wines (my favourite is St Leonards Muscadello).

What is this I hear you ask?  Well, one project that I have completed is the first batch of Whirly-Gigs that I have just to posted to Wendy of 'hARTylittlepeaces'.  Above is the scraps left over after much cutting of blocks to size.  These are the finished products:

I am so excited by the fabrics I have bought for this swap and look forward to making some more Whirly-Gigs!!!

Another project that I have started is the Pinwheel Quilt-Along over at 'Twiddletails'.  I was a little behind in that I had not completed block one when the instructions for block two were posted on her site, but I made up for it tonight.  I really enjoyed a sewing evening whilst DH was at SES.  I managed to get both blocks A1 and A2 completed!

I have also been working on the easter hunt bags for our niece and nephew.  I have completed the stitching for both bags and also designed a name plate for Z.

Just incase you would like to make a nameplate of your own, here are the designs that I have come up with:

I that you like the nameplate designs and can find a use for them!  Hopefully I will have the bags finished (well at least 2 of them) by the next post!

Until next time....Keep stitching!