September 14, 2009


Well it has been a rather creative week in the Hutton household.

The forever growing Zach (my 14 month old) has outgrown his summer sleeping bags which gave me a make some new ones!  At the same time I was surfing some blogs and found a wonderful pattern for a Rocket Ship Pillow on the 'Don't Look Now!' blog by Kellie Wulfson.  We didn't need anymore cushions, and I had some lovely blue material in my stash so together, I came up with this.....

I have also put together an applique design for little girls of a Babushka doll...I am thinking of naming her 'Belle'.  This is the first pattern I have put together and I think that it has come along quite well!  


'Belle' has been Machine stitched to make her hard wearing, apart from her face and her bow which have been sewn by had.  My hope is to make some library bags as part of a collection that I could sell at a market stall around Christmas time...I hope that it will be successful!  I will keep you posted with more designs as they come along!

Well, that's all for now!


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