October 15, 2010

A Speedy Delivery....

Just wanted to share with everyone the newest addition to our family....

Our little man arrived on Sunday 10th of October, 2010....a very special day and he just could not wait to arrive and got here 6 weeks early!  What a surprise!

He has now made it into an open crib where he will rest for a couple of weeks before coming home....I'm counting the days!


October 1, 2010

Craft Catch-Up

Well...yet again there has been a while between posts!  I have been very busily sewing my heart out...nothing like biting off more than you can chew!

So, here's the run down of what I have been up to:

Dilbert Dinosaur

In the last couple of months I have made two of these dinosaurs from a Melly & Me pattern.  One was a present for my cousins sons christening.  I had the pattern for over a year and finally got around to making not one but two!

Wipes case and Nappy Holder

I have been nesting a little lately (something to do with being in my 3rd Trimester I believe), and a number of friends and family have had babies, so I decided to try and make some gifts.  I think that they turned out pretty good, don't you?

Binkie Blankets

Friends of my husband had twin boys, so I wanted to make them something special...blankies!  I found this cute pattern on the internet.  Don't you just love it?


I wanted to make something special for my son and the baby for Christmas.  I saw this great idea on the Twelve Crafts til Christmas blog and knew straight away I had to make them!  I am going to give a post card or fabric letter to each relative (Grandparents, Great-Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles etc) so that they can write a letter to each child which can then also be played with.  It will be a keepsake that the children can treasure forever!

Hobby Horse

Z has become very fond of using anything as a horse...seahorse toys, books etc, so I thought it fitting to make him a hobby horse from a Melly & Me pattern.  He doesn't play with it...still a little to big for him and I don't think he quite understands the concept.  Although, I am in the process of making a second one in a different colour scheme as a gift for a birthday party coming up.

Santa Sack

I have always wanted to get into craft designing...just never had the confidence so I have started....with a santa sack for bubs!

This is the first panel that I have finished, however the photo does not give it justice.  I feel that it looks very special!  Hopefully I will complete the rest of it in time for the babies first Christmas!

Cot Quilt

I saw a quilt over at the Crazy Mom Quilts blog and just fell in love it.  So I have decided to make one for bubs...I feel like I am neglecting him/her.  As a second child, there really is not nearly as much to have to do to get ready!  Below is the basic layout.

Well, hope that you enjoyed my Craft Catch-Up!  Hope your days have been productive too!