April 29, 2010

Sew Creative.....

Well, it seems that I have been sewing like there is no tomorrow!

I can't believe that I am posting again.  Nobody hears from me for over a month and then 2 posts in 3 days....unbelievable!!!

Anyway, I have photos of some sewing that I have caught up on!  As mentioned previously, I am participating in the Twiddletails Quilt Along (see the graphic to the right).  Well, somehow I had managed to get behind by 5 whole weeks...must have had something to do with the killer last month!  Anyway, here they are:

It really didn't take that long once I made the time to sit down and cut out all of the pieces!  And now there are only 3 more blocks to go...before you know it I will have another quilt complete!

I have also sewn together all of the round the wrong way Whirly Gigs that I cut out in error for the Red & Aqua swap that I am participating in over at hARTylittlepeaces

I have decided to make them into a long, narrow table runner (only one block wide) with sashes of tea dyed homespun in between each Whirly Gig and maybe a thin red border framing them all.  

I'll keep you posted on that one....have to buy some more fabric before I can do any more of it....what a shame!

Thought I would just share a quick photo of my little photographers assistant...wanted food NOT Mummy taking photos!
Till next time...Keep stitching!


April 27, 2010

Missing In Action....or so it may have seemed!

Wow!  It has been sooooo busy!!!!

Sorry to have seemingly neglected you!  We have had a very very busy month.  We have been way 3 times!  One of those was to the Gold Coast for my baby (and only) sisters engagement party!  What an experience!  Flying to Queensland with a 20 month old by myself.  Never mind.  I got a beautiful cake made for the engagement party and cooked up a storm.  There was definitely no body who could have gone hungry!!!

(I am madly trying to find a picture of the cake....hopefully I can add one soon!)

Craft wise I have also been very busy.  I made Z a dressing gown, 4 pairs pajama pants and 2 pajama tops for easter along with a gorgeous chicken.

I have managed....somehow....to find time to finally finish Z's quilt for his big boy bed!  I am EXTREMELY happy with it.  What do you think?

Have you been wondering what those beautiful pinks and blues, greens and whites shown in my last post have been used towards?  Well, i decided to participate in the Homespun Mystery Block of the month.  So far I have 4 blocks completed and I am only 3 blocks behind....hopefully I will catch up soon, but I seem to be taking on more than I can chew.  (More on that another time).  Anyway, here are the blocks that are somewhat finished...



They are nothing like my usual colours but I am growing to LOVE them!!!

I have also just completed my Whirly-Gigs for Swap #3.  A sample of my block is below:

These Whirly-Gig's had twice as much effort go into them!  For some reason I thought that I knew what I was doing and ended up cutting them out back-to-front and had to cut out another set.  Think I'll make a table runner out of the backwards WG's....once I sew them all together!

Well...that's about it for now.  I am going to the Australasian Quilt Convention on Friday so will possibly end up with more projects to work on!  Maybe I may see you in the crowd there somewhere!

Remember....Keep Stitching!