March 9, 2010

A Little out of the box....

Well, most people who know me would know that I like subdued almost 'faded' colours for my patchwork and quilting, so it may come as a bit of surprise to find out that I recently purchased these fabrics:

What is it for you ask?  Well...I am going to keep you in suspense until I have a sneak peak finished to share...few bits and pieces in progress....but none you will just have to wait!!!  :-)

I have been feverishly sewing in the last week and dearly missed my sewing machine when I went away on the weekend to the Taste of Rutherglen visiting many a winery and sampling some very yummy wines (my favourite is St Leonards Muscadello).

What is this I hear you ask?  Well, one project that I have completed is the first batch of Whirly-Gigs that I have just to posted to Wendy of 'hARTylittlepeaces'.  Above is the scraps left over after much cutting of blocks to size.  These are the finished products:

I am so excited by the fabrics I have bought for this swap and look forward to making some more Whirly-Gigs!!!

Another project that I have started is the Pinwheel Quilt-Along over at 'Twiddletails'.  I was a little behind in that I had not completed block one when the instructions for block two were posted on her site, but I made up for it tonight.  I really enjoyed a sewing evening whilst DH was at SES.  I managed to get both blocks A1 and A2 completed!

I have also been working on the easter hunt bags for our niece and nephew.  I have completed the stitching for both bags and also designed a name plate for Z.

Just incase you would like to make a nameplate of your own, here are the designs that I have come up with:

I that you like the nameplate designs and can find a use for them!  Hopefully I will have the bags finished (well at least 2 of them) by the next post!

Until next time....Keep stitching!



  1. Cathy you look like a professional quilter! Well done! I'm part of Wendy's block swap too but was too daunted to try the WG's. Was it hard?

  2. Thank you for your lovely comments!

    Katherine...I am no where near a professional quilter...just a self-taught want-to-be!

    I'm hoping to start doing some designs for an alphabet look out for them on my blog...(hopefully soon)....just a bit daunted, but I'm sure I can pull it off. I really want to turn a hobby into a profession...we'll see how that goes!

    The Whirly Gigs weren't too bad...just a lot of cutting as you can see from the photo!

  3. Hi Cathy, looks like you have been busy... I was wondering if Brooke had her baby, details please... Your Whirly gigs look great, do you have the pattern or cutting instructions for the block, looks like a great way to use up the stash... How's your Ballarat project going? Happy Stitching... love Jo (Don't Look Now workshop)xx

  4. Hi Jo, Brooke has had her baby. A beautiful little girl! She must be about 8 weeks old now. How the time flies!