April 29, 2010

Sew Creative.....

Well, it seems that I have been sewing like there is no tomorrow!

I can't believe that I am posting again.  Nobody hears from me for over a month and then 2 posts in 3 days....unbelievable!!!

Anyway, I have photos of some sewing that I have caught up on!  As mentioned previously, I am participating in the Twiddletails Quilt Along (see the graphic to the right).  Well, somehow I had managed to get behind by 5 whole weeks...must have had something to do with the killer last month!  Anyway, here they are:

It really didn't take that long once I made the time to sit down and cut out all of the pieces!  And now there are only 3 more blocks to go...before you know it I will have another quilt complete!

I have also sewn together all of the round the wrong way Whirly Gigs that I cut out in error for the Red & Aqua swap that I am participating in over at hARTylittlepeaces

I have decided to make them into a long, narrow table runner (only one block wide) with sashes of tea dyed homespun in between each Whirly Gig and maybe a thin red border framing them all.  

I'll keep you posted on that one....have to buy some more fabric before I can do any more of it....what a shame!

Thought I would just share a quick photo of my little photographers assistant...wanted food NOT Mummy taking photos!
Till next time...Keep stitching!


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