January 11, 2010

Stained Glass Windows

The creative juices have been flowing over the weekend so I decided to create some templates for Stained Glass Windows.  I googled the idea and couldn’t find templates I was happy with for my little man, so I created some to share as well as the following instructions on how to make them!

Before you start, just a note to say 'bare with me' as this is my first tutorial.  I hope you enjoy it!  If you have any feedback or suggestions, please e-mail me at cahutton@tpg.com.au

Please also note that these instructions and templates are for private use only and cannot be reproduced or sold without my consent.

Printout of template
Craft Knife
Black craft cardboard
White pencil or piece of chalk
Clear contact
Cellophane in a variety of colours

Print out a template provided on this page or create a unique one of your own.

Using a craft knife cut out all of the internal shapes first (these are the areas that the cellophane will be stuck and are coloured grey).  By cutting the internal lines first, it gives the shape strength and is much easier than doing this after the outside lines.

Once the internal shapes are removed, cut along the outside line to finish your pattern.

Place the pattern on top of the black craft card and trace around using the white pencil or chalk.  This gives you the frame for your Stained Glass Window.

Using the craft knife, cut along all of the internal lines revealing the ‘glass’ areas of your window.  Cut along the outside line to complete your Stained Glass Window frame.

Cut a piece of contact to fit around the Stained Glass window frame.

Trim the contact to fit.

 You are now ready to decorate with pieces of cut up cellophane!


Well, I hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial.  If you have any suggestions for other window frames that you would like to see please email me or leave a comment below!



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  1. Hi Cathy. You have a pretty website. My brother sewing machine is an Innovis Quilt Club 650-Q. I just got it in November and I absolutely love it. You'll have to let me know what you think of yours.