June 16, 2010

Oh...What A Ride!

There has been sooooo much happening lately that I often find it hard to take a moment to stop and think!

Firstly, Josh and I are excited to announce that we are pregnant!  Child #2 is on the way! (I am currently at 17 weeks...can't believe we're nearly half way already!)

Secondly, I was out of action for 3 weeks due to that dreaded cold that has been so nice and sharing with most everyone you speak to!

Thirdly, the business is moving premises.  Apparently there was not enough room in the current workshop for growth or to do the current work to be completed.  Due to this, we are moving 200m down the road to a factory that is more than twice the size!

Fourth, and lastly, and I guess it has a little to do with the baby news, I am moving my study/craft room from where it is currently located (soon to be nursery for child #2) to our old bedroom.  It is exciting...both to set up a nursery and a craft room...but there is just so much to do!

The current study/craft room (soon to be nursery) is absolutely overflowing!

And here is my blank canvas...my new creative space:

I can't wait to get the room up and running!  It gets a lot of sunshine and natural light into it which is really pleasant this time of year!

On to the creative stuff.  I'll try to keep this short and sweet, otherwise this will be a really really long post!

Car Mat - I have made this for Z's 2nd Birthday which is less than a month away (where has the time gone?).

The instructions can be found over at FiskarCraft.  To go along with this, I have created two templates that will help you cut out the shapes for the four interactive sections.  To download these, click here:  Template 1 and Template 2.  The little man is really into cars at the moment so hopefully it will hit the spot!

Quilt tops:  I have finished two quilt tops, but not actually quilted them....I'm sure that it is on the to-do list...somewhere!

The first is one that I found in a handmade magazine.  I only had to purchase 40cm to make the whole thing!  The remainder is entirely from my stash!  I love using the leftover materials from other projects...it makes craft soooo much cheaper!

The second is the Pinwheel Quilt Along from over at Twiddletails.  Again...I only had to purchase one fabric, but I think it was a few metres as it was the base fabric that I had to purchase.  All of the pinwheels were again, made from the stash!

I have also started a course at The Blanket Box in Newcomb.  Classes are once a month and we are all working on The Farmers Wife Sample Quilt.

So far I have made 6 blocks (I got sick the afternoon of the class so have not had a chance to do much more!), 5 of which are completed (I need to put a handle on the basket).  Here they are:

Lastly, I have had an idea for a weekly/fortnightly feature for on my blog.  I tend to spend a lot of time surfing the internet and searching blogland so though, why not share some of my fabulous finds with you?  So, starting Fridays we will be having 'Fabulous Friday Finds' - stay tuned for it. (Now I just have to remember to do it!)

So, I have not been sitting around doing nothing, just not been up to focusing on writing to you all here!  Finally, a cute little image that I hope leaves you smiling as much as it does me:

In the meantime, Keep Crafting!


  1. Thanks for sharing

    Check out these scrapbooking ideas and scrapbook layouts I just signed up for


  2. Good luck! I am working on make a crafting space all my own too. And congrats on baby number 2! How exciting! Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. I am so glad you found me. I'm a new follower of yours now too.

  3. Thanks for making the templates for the car activity mat - it made it so much easier to make one for my little boy. I've blogged about it here:

  4. Thanks so much for the templates for the activity mat! I was a little nervous about trying to make it without a pattern - my freehand skills are not all that great.

  5. I'm trying to make this car mat soon and I tried your links for the templates and couldn't get them to come up. Is there something I have to do first to see and/or print them?

    Thanks, Michele

  6. Thank you so much for the templates. It will definitely help me get this done in time for my son's birthday!

  7. Michele,

    They are uploaded to Scribd. You should just be able to click on the links and they work. If you continue to have problems, just let me know, and I will e-mail them direct.