August 30, 2010

The Party Post....prepare for plenty of photos!!!!

In July we celebrated my little man's 2nd Birthday with a party for all of his little friends.  At the time he was very into Bob the Builder so we had no choice but to have a Construction Party (if the party was tomorrow, it would now have to be The Wiggles).

Well, lots of preparation went into the party which I just LOVED...and may have gone a teeny tiny bit overboard!

Anyway, here is how it turned out:

Guests were welcomed by a series of witches hats/construction cones leading them straight to the front door.

There was a new Birthday Banner and some 'Work Zone' signs posted around the house.

The table was set long enough for every child to have a place.  It was decked out with a Bob the Builder Table Runner, some 'Dig In' construction signs and colour co-ordinated plates, napkins, balloons and even fairy bread!

I couldn't go any further without posting an appropriate picture of the Birthday boy in his new party clothes.

 ...and one of him with his cousins!

The cake was decked out with die-cast toys of the Bob the Builder characters (I couldn't be bothered making them...and for $5.50 each at K-Mart it meant that the Birthday Boy could have them forever!).  The brown sugar was very effective as dirt! party is the same without it...definately at our place - we always seem to over cater, but it is better to have too much than not enough!

...Colour co-ordinated rum balls...

...sugar cookies in the shape of all the appropriate carpentry tools...

...little racing cars...just because we could...

...jelly cups with chocolate tools in them....

...and what more could a tradesman want than a mountain of bite-sized iced doughnuts!

Well, I hope that you enjoyed your visit to the Birthday party! I hope to be back soon with some really crafty stuff!

Keep Crafting!

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