October 1, 2010

Craft Catch-Up

Well...yet again there has been a while between posts!  I have been very busily sewing my heart out...nothing like biting off more than you can chew!

So, here's the run down of what I have been up to:

Dilbert Dinosaur

In the last couple of months I have made two of these dinosaurs from a Melly & Me pattern.  One was a present for my cousins sons christening.  I had the pattern for over a year and finally got around to making not one but two!

Wipes case and Nappy Holder

I have been nesting a little lately (something to do with being in my 3rd Trimester I believe), and a number of friends and family have had babies, so I decided to try and make some gifts.  I think that they turned out pretty good, don't you?

Binkie Blankets

Friends of my husband had twin boys, so I wanted to make them something special...blankies!  I found this cute pattern on the internet.  Don't you just love it?


I wanted to make something special for my son and the baby for Christmas.  I saw this great idea on the Twelve Crafts til Christmas blog and knew straight away I had to make them!  I am going to give a post card or fabric letter to each relative (Grandparents, Great-Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles etc) so that they can write a letter to each child which can then also be played with.  It will be a keepsake that the children can treasure forever!

Hobby Horse

Z has become very fond of using anything as a horse...seahorse toys, books etc, so I thought it fitting to make him a hobby horse from a Melly & Me pattern.  He doesn't play with it...still a little to big for him and I don't think he quite understands the concept.  Although, I am in the process of making a second one in a different colour scheme as a gift for a birthday party coming up.

Santa Sack

I have always wanted to get into craft designing...just never had the confidence so I have started....with a santa sack for bubs!

This is the first panel that I have finished, however the photo does not give it justice.  I feel that it looks very special!  Hopefully I will complete the rest of it in time for the babies first Christmas!

Cot Quilt

I saw a quilt over at the Crazy Mom Quilts blog and just fell in love it.  So I have decided to make one for bubs...I feel like I am neglecting him/her.  As a second child, there really is not nearly as much to have to do to get ready!  Below is the basic layout.

Well, hope that you enjoyed my Craft Catch-Up!  Hope your days have been productive too!


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  1. Great projects! I saw your adorable mailboxes at Twelve Crafts Till Christmas and I love your idea for the handwritten letters for the mailboxes.