October 15, 2010

A Speedy Delivery....

Just wanted to share with everyone the newest addition to our family....

Our little man arrived on Sunday 10th of October, 2010....a very special day and he just could not wait to arrive and got here 6 weeks early!  What a surprise!

He has now made it into an open crib where he will rest for a couple of weeks before coming home....I'm counting the days!


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  1. Hi Cathie
    I am so sorry that I just posted off your Block Swap blocks without so much as a note let alone a Congratulions .... just caught up in so much myself with stuff!
    Please et me know how you are going & blog about your end product with the R&A blocks when you get a chance to create something!!!
    I'm not organising Block Swap for 2011 but Kylie is & I am sure she will or has contacted you etc ... xxx Wendy